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Date Number Technology Summary
11/12/21 TGEM070 A powerful tool for comprehensively identifying substrates of E3 ligases. This method has various advantages for identifying a specific substrate for each E3 ligase. By using this method, it will be possible to comprehensively identify the substrate of a specific E3 ligase, even an E3 ligase with relatively low activity, and this method will help to clarify the mechanism of the function exerted by an E3 ligase. Also, it could be applied to the development of targeted protein degradaters such as PROTAC for the treatment of various diseases. Contact
09/17/21 TGEM069 Method for detecting DNA damaged cell A method for detecting human Ly6D at cell surface, which caused cellular DNA damage.
Ly6D protein is up-regulated in cell undergoing DNA strand breaks.
Fully human antibody binding to human Ly6D.
07/21/21 TGEM068 AI-Powered diagnostic support The originator offers end-to-end enterprise medical AI service as well as a wide array of pathology AI diagnostic support applications for biotech and pharmaceutical companies, ranging from slide quality control, case triaging, differential cell counting, to IHC quantification.
03/24/21 TGEM066 Genetically modified adipocytes for gene therapy and regenerative therapy Genetically modified adipocytes for gene therapy and regenerative therapy.
It is developed for the treatment of various genetic diseases and metabolic disorders. GMAC technology produces GMACs for the treatment of many genetical diseases and intractable diseases by sustainable and stable secretion of transduced gene products from the implant of GMACs.
03/15/21 TGEM067 Cancer simulator - novel paradigm in oncology drug R&D and personalised medicine In vivo cancer simulation technology including toxicology/efficacy screening and virtual clinical trials, which reduce the need for trailing potentially dangerous therapies on patients.
-Can fully replicate tumor complexity (up to 20 genetic mutations/alterations)
-Can compare the efficacy of your molecule with standards of care and competitive molecules
-Can be screened to find efficacious combinations using FDA-approved drugs (2,100) or any other approved library or compound library
01/27/21 TGEM065 Coating technology for oncolytic viruses -There are currently 200+ Oncolytic Viruses are in clinical trials.
-Without a proper delivery vehicle, many of them are under the risk of failure due to immune clearance.
-This technology can protect virus from being cleared by the immune system and enable multiple dosing, systemic delivery, and higher efficacy with minimum toxicity from the coating material.
10/08/20 TGEM064 Nanoparticle transdermal drug delivery patch Transdermal patches using nanoparticle technology for the continuous delivery of APIs as a non-invasive alternative to subcutaneous injection. Useful for small molecules and peptides including insulin. Achieves stable concentrations of APIs. Examples of use include the maintenance of blood insulin levels for the treatment of diabetes, and providing a solution for levodopa-induced dyskinesia, a side effect of L-DOPA treatment of Parkinson's disease which can be avoided by continuous transdermal delivery. Provisional patent submitted in Oct 2019 for the nanoparticle formulation. Potential for delivery through the oral or sublingual route. Contact
09/30/20 TGEM063 Nanoparticles that can penetrate the blood brain barrier - Nanoparticles are coated by two substances for specificity to the tumor cells.
- These nanoparticles exhibited a high permeability of approximately 95% in an in vitro blood brain barrier model.
- These nanoparticles exhibited complete tumor regression and mice with brain tumors survived for 80 days without any health-related abnomalities. The mice from the other groups survived only for up to 30 days.
09/29/20 TGEM062 Next-generation CAR-T cell therapy with high potency, specificity, durability, and safety
Four proprietary non-viral gene and cell engineering technologies in the chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapies for cancer treatment.
-Non-virus associated gene delivery
-Huge gene loading capacity
-Potential lower risk
-Lower cost of goods
-Competitor analysis: our superionr results
09/08/20 TGEM060 High-Yield Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) Cells Expression System TGEM060 is a CHO-C expression system for preparation of reliable and stable proteins. The CHO-C expression system features:
-cGMP produced and tested CHO cell line
-Proprietary vectors and unique signal peptides for expression of mAbs
-Robust scale-up process to 50L bioreactor
-High yield and high stability (up to 5 g/L; over 100 generations)
-DNA to RCB can be completed within 6 months
-Simplified licensing model (e.g. royalty fee free, milestone fee free)