Gemseki has joined the Open COVID Pledge as the first Japanese company


Gemseki has decided to join the global initiative, Open COVID Pledge, to provide our services and know-how to combat COVID-19 around the world. Gemseki is the first Japanese company to join this global initiative.


The Open COVID Pledge is a global initiative to make participants’ intellectual property available free of charge for use in ending the COVID-19 pandemic and minimizing the impact of the disease. The initiative was started and adopted by an international coalition of scientists and lawyers, Intel, Amazon, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft and other leading companies around the world. Gemseki shares the vision of the Open COVID Pledge, and is joining this initiative, to promote our united effort towards COVID-19.


In accordance with the Gemseki declaration on COVID-19 as of March 30th, Gemseki has started to offer free partnering and licensing platform services to combat COVID-19 as announced on April 1st. Gemseki has already started to work on licensing and partnering of several drug candidates and technologies targeted to COVID-19 assets.


Gemseki is doing our utmost to end the COVID-19 pandemic.