Establishment of Gemseki Inc., to support the best development of valuable drug candidates.


We established Gemseki Inc. (President: Hideyuki Hirama) and our mission is We strive to make contributions to humanity and society by supporting the best development of valuable drug candidates.”

Innovative drugs have been developed by a lot of our predecessors and they have contributed significantly to the field of medical care. However, the development of innovative new drug is becoming increasingly difficult with each passing year due to more stringent standards to confirm efficacy and safety of pharmaceutical products, shift of therapeutic targets to diseases whose causes are more difficult to understand, and difficulty of developing or finding these drug candidates. Overall, these situations are leading to more difficult situation for drug development, such as rise in R&D costs, prolonged R&D period and decreasing probability of success. Various approaches have been carried out in order to overcome these situations, but these approaches does not always lead to a solution.

The starting point of the drug development is discovery of innovative therapeutic targets and drug candidates. The innovative drug candidates have been found in research organizations all around the world, but countless amounts of these candidates are discontinued during development or do not enter clinical development due to lack of resources. We aim to support development of such drug candidates and truly believe that if these drug candidates are able to be matched with a new developer, development of drug candidates can be accelerated. Therefore, we are preparing to establish this portal for new encounter with these drug candidates, the drug candidate market. Our goal with Drug Candidate Market is to support the best development of drug candidates which might have faced difficulties in development at venture companies or academia, as well as hidden and untapped drug candidates at pharmaceutical companies.