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Date Number Technology Summary
12/10/18 TGEM014 Determination method for NK cell activity Simple and quick method for determination of NK cell activity which is applicable to whole blood. The amount of IFN-γ or TNF-α produced by activated NK cells in whole blood is used as an indicator of NK cell activity.
Neither radioactive isotopes nor separation steps from blood cells are required.
10/09/18 TGEM013 SUMO-fusion protein expression technology Enables the efficient lower-cost production and purification of high quality, correctly folded proteins useful in all applications of protein preparation and drug discovery.
High expression levels
Variations optimized for insect, mammalian, E.coli and yeast.
Non-exclusive licensing.
10/09/18 TGEM012 The methods and tools relating to UPS The methods and tools for discovery of ubiquitin pathway system (UPS) enzyme functions and modulating molecules.
This technology enables the following assays.
-HTS and validation assays of deubiquitinase (DUB) activity and E2, and E3 ligase
-Cellular ubiquitylation activity
We are launching a new proteomics service that utilizes the TUBE technology to get better mass spec data about ubiquitylated proteins.
08/31/18 TGEM011 Novel topical drug delivery technology Enables superior transdermal penetration of active ingredients to the target tissue
Suitable for most APIs and drug classes
Minimizes systemic exposure and side effects
Improved API photostability (No degradation upon sun exposure)
Formulated with all GRAS (generally recognized as safe) excipients
08/27/18 TGEM010 Fucosylation technology for cell immunotherapy Improved delivery of therapeutic cells
Applicable to hematopoietic stem cells, cytotoxic and regulatory T cells (Treg), CAR-T, mesenchymal stem cell and NK cells
Simple and rapid procedure
07/09/18 TGEM009 Technology establishing cancer stem cell Established the cancer stem cell model that can produce in vivo tumor from one cancer stem cell. In vivo tumor were formed from 10 cells in cell lines established from patient derived tissue of metastatic colorectal cancer as well as from in vitro cell lines. Contact
07/05/18 TGEM008 A platform technology that allows any cell to continuously produce a bioluminescent signal representative of its real-time metabolic activity level This technology removes steps from, and allows the continuous measurement of, cell-based in vitro and animal imaging-based in vivo assays. No negative effects on host cells and correlation with alternative assays are validated. Licenses available for pre-made cell lines or the technology platform. Contact
04/10/18 TGEM007 Method for diagnosis of prostate cancer This method can be used with samples taken from tissue biopsies, serum and urine. Epigenetic alterations in the sample can serve as biomarkers for early and accurate detection of prostate cancer. Contact
04/10/18 TGEM006 Method of increasing optical resolution A novel and a simple method of increasing optical resolution. The present technology can be specifically used to image subwavelength features in the sample such as cells, bacteria and integrated circuits etc. Contact
04/10/18 TGEM005 Method for Teaching and Evaluating decision-Making Skills This software tool aid faculty in teaching students clinical decision-making in patient care and is used to design medical case studies of patients that recreate the student to teacher interaction when discussing a patient. Contact