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Date Candidate Mechanism of action Indication Route Modality Development stage Note
04/27/20 GEM177 BOTOX Biosimilar Refer to Note Injection Protein Preclinical Equivalent efficacy and similar safety profile (for biosimilar for Allergan Botox)
Manufacturing using plant-derived mediums

- Therapeutic applications: strabismus, cerebral palsy, cervical dystonia, neurogenic bladder, migraine, facial spasm, blepharo spasm
- Aesthetic application: all wrinkles produced due to persistent muscular contractions, square jaw reduction, hyperhidrosis
04/27/20 GEM176 A new anti-angiogenesis drug Solid tumor* and Retina disorder ** Injection Protein Preclinical Best-in-class product against anti-VEGF agents
The fusion protein of the second domains from VEGF receptor-1 and the Fc portion of human IgG1.
Higher avidity for VEGF/PLGF and low immunogenicity and side effect.
*More complete blockade of Tumor growth. (pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, gastric cancer, non-small cell lung cancer)
**Longer duration of action (wet AMD, Diabetic macular edema, retinal vein occlusion, diabetic retinopathy)
04/24/20 GEM175 Elevates RPE phagocytic function to clear retinal drusen (lipoprotein deposits) and reduce oxidative stress Intermediate AMD Oral Small molecule Phase 2 ready Novel high-dose reformulation of statin previously marketed as a lipid lowering drug, now developed for the new use of treating intermediate AMD. POC clinical trial showed a marked clearance of drusen and a 75% reduction in progression to late AMD (CNV/GA). Abbreviated 505(b)(2) pathway. Patent applications have been made globally. Contact
04/24/20 GEM174 Invadopodia-Targeted siRNA Advanced and/or highly metastatic cancers* i.v. Nucleic acid Pre-IND Invadopodia mediates cancer cell invasion, intravasation and extravasation.
Master Invadopodial Regulators (MIRs) are the driver genes of cancer invasiveness and metastasis and are rarely expressed by normal cells.
MIR-1 is also a cardinal regulator of Wnt activity and tumor growth. GEM174 is a lipid nanoparticles-formulated siRNA specifically targeting MIR-1. GEM174 suppressed many tumor growth and extended survival time in xenograft model.
*hepatocellular carcinoma, triple-negative breast cancer, and gastric adenocarcinoma
04/22/20 GEM173 Anti-fibrotic effects Anti-Fibrotic-Treatment of patients after Aortic-Valve-Implantation Oral Small molecule Phase 1 Combibnation of marketed small molecure drugs to exert anti-fibrotic effects. A novel anti-fibrotic therapy is supposed to reduce progression of fibrosis and stabilize heart functioning. Myocardial fibrosis was found to independently predict cardiovascular mortality after AVI. Patent application has been made globally.
Discussions are available for Japanese companies and Chinese companies.
04/22/20 GEM172 Activation of multiple sulfatase Multiple Sulfatase Deficiency Oral / or injection Small molecule Preclinical – Phase 1 study in preparation No effective treatment for the rare disease MSD is available. Combination of marketed drugs increase the activity of multiple sulfatases and significantly reduce toxic glycosaminoglycans in MSD fibroblast cell lines. Priority patent, which lead to global application, has been filed.
Discussions are available for Japanese companies and Chinese companies.
04/22/20 GEM171 ARNT regulation Fibrosis in kidney, heart and liver Oral / or gene therapy Small molecule or morpholinos Discovery – Preclinical No effective therapy for fibrosis is available yet. ARNT homodimerizartion attenuates fibrosis progression and induces regenerative cellular responses. Several mechanisms of action and potential drugs were identified, which show inhibition of ARNT degradation or activation of ARNT expression. PCT pattent application filed.
Discussions are available for Japanese companies and Chinese companies.
04/22/20 GEM170 Improved PCR Diagnostic for detection of Para- tuberculosis in animals and potentially Crohn's disease in humans in vitro Others POC obtained in animals New and improved PCR diagnostic test for fast and early detection of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP). This method shows better performance than current ELISA as well as on current PCR tests. Diagnostic test for early MAP detection in domestic livestocks, exotic ruminations and human patients.
Discussions are available for Japanese companies and Chinese companies.
* Successfully tested in feces, blood, milk, sperm and tissue samples
04/16/20 GEM-CVD02 Immune modulation (reduction of cytokine storm) with anti-viral medicine COVID-19 Oral Small molecule Launch COVID-19 progressing process is by first infecting from the virus and intriguing immune system modulated pro-inflammation, further proceeding to more serious inflammation, and later evolving to commencement of pro-fibrosis with infected pneumonia.TLR4 signaling pathway is closely associated with inflammation, immunity, and lung diseases. A TLR4 antagonist works well as an immune modulator for applications on pro-inflammatory diseases. GEM-CVD02 is a launched compound that has TLR4 antagonist activity and is expected the efficasy in combination of anti-viral medicine. GMP manufactured and FDA approved CTM capsules of this candidate are ready for clinical trial uses. Contact
04/10/20 GEM-CVD01 SARS-CoV-2 spike protein expression from RNA followed by antibody response COVID-19 Intra- muscular RNA Vaccine Preclinical This program is a rapid COVID-19 vaccine development. This vaccine is developed on the basis of established technologies of RNA delivery and nanostructured lipid carrier formulation. GEM-CVD01 rapidly induces robust immune responses. Contact