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Date Candidate Mechanism of action Indication Route Development stage Note
07/05/18 GEM023 Synthetic miniprotein for influenza virus Infuenza Preclinical Computationally designed miniprotein with demonstrated pre and post-exposure efficacy against the disease.
-Neutralizes multiple variants like H1N1 and H5N1 better than today’s standard of care while keeping immunogenicity low enough to allow chronic treatments.

Route : Inhaled
07/05/18 GEM022 Computational drug design platform for synthetic miniproteins asthma, flu and neuropathic pain etc. Discovery -High-value, high-complexity protein design by computational and high-throughput techniques.
-Mimics proven monoclonal antibodies with safer, more effective biologic alternatives.
-Designed to a specific drug target epitope with sub-nM affinity.

Route : Inhaled, Oral, Topical, IV
07/05/18 GEM021 Opioid and non-opioid analgesics with respiratory stimulant Pain Oral Preclinical (close to IND) -Combination of generic opioid/non-opioid analgesics with a generic respiratory stimulant using a regulatory approach known as the 505(b)2 submission.
-First drug introduction therapeutically equivalent to Vicodin® that prevents overdose death, deters abuse and prevents addiction.
-Low cost of goods.
06/04/18 GEM020 3rd generation immunotherapy targeting little gastrin Gastro-intestinal cancer (Pancreatic) SC Preclinical -Applied 3rd generation immunotherapy technology to little gastrin.
-In-vivo POC has been validated in non-human primates.
06/04/18 GEM019 3rd generation immunotherapy targeting HER2 HER2 overexpressing cancer (Breast) SC Preclinical -Applied 3rd generation immunotherapy technology to HER2.
-Superior efficacy to trastuzumab and pertuzumab.
-In-vivo PoC has been validated in non-human primates.
06/04/18 GEM018 3rd generation immunotherapy technology Cancer SC Discovery -Unique technology that triggers B and T cells simultaneously while activating all possible natural tumor killing mechanisms available to the immune-system.
-Tumor-directed specific activation reduces side effects to the minimum.
-Applicable on a target basis.
05/31/18 GEM009 BET inhibitor Cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis Oral Preclinical More potent activities and lower risk of cardiovascular toxicities than competitors Contact
04/10/18 GEM008 Selective cMET inhibitor NSCLC and HCC etc. Oral Phase 2 Effective on exon 14 skipping xenograft Contact
03/26/18 GEM007 Vaccine Anthrax Oral Discovery~ Preclinical A cost-effective and safer vaccine that would produce immunity to anthrax with fewer doses Contact
03/26/18 GEM006 Bacterial NADH production inhibitor Bacterial infection Discovery~ Preclinical Inhibits synthesis of NADH in bacteria, but not in humans and expected to be used for treatment of multi-drug resistant pathogens Contact