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Date Candidate Mechanism of action Indication Route Modality Development stage Note
09/20/18 GEM044 TLR4-NOX dual inhibitor AIH, Pancreatic cancer and IBD Oral Small molecules
Preclinical 5-10 times more potent on NOX activity than GKT-137831.
Hepatoprotection with significant reductions on ALT/AST in AIH in mice.
Showed antifibrotic efficacy with significant histopathological score reductions in caerulein-induced pancreatic fibrosis in mice.
Showed antifibrotic efficacy with significant NAS reductions in Stelic-STAM (NASH) in mice.
Can be licensed to territories except Asia
09/20/18 GEM042 TLR4 antagonist NAFLD, AIH, CLD and CD Oral Small molecules
Phase 2 NAFLD (nonalcoholic fatty liver disease): The phase 2 results demonstrated significant improvement on relevant diagnosis and biomarkers.
AIH (autoimmune hepatitis; orphan designation): The phase 2 (open label) results will be available soon.
CLD(chronic liver disease by HCV infection): A strong trend of improvement of liver function and safety in Phase 2.
CD (Crohn's disease): Good efficacy in three Phase 2 POC studies.
The drug is safe and tolerable in these trials.
Can be licensed to territories except Asia
09/20/18 GEM041 Dual inhibitor of catechol-O-methyltransferase and dopa decarboxylase Parkinson's disease Oral Small molecules
Preclinical First dual inhibitor in the World.
Almost same inhibitory activities for the two enzymes.
The enzyme activities were inhibited strongly in the liver, but not in the brain.
08/31/18 GEM040 Topical anti-inflammatory Joint pain, Muscle pain, Gout, Local inflammatory pain see Note Small molecules
Preclinical Topical formulations of Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Diclofenac to use in the treatment of inflamatory pain and related conditions
Formulation shows 5 to 10X increase human skin permeation coupled
Potential for OTC or RX introduction: minimal development timeline

08/31/18 GEM039 Antifungal Onychomy- cosis see Note Small molecules
Preclinical Novel and unique topical formulation of Terbenafine with exceptional permeation (40 fold) across the human nail.
Potential for OTC or RX introduction: minimal development timeline

08/31/18 GEM038 Locally acting anti-inflammatory- Trigeminal neuro-inflammation Migraine Local Small molecules
Phase 2a Clinical POC in acute migraine therapy in Phase 2a
Efficacy comparable to Triptans but with no systemic side effects or restrictions
Shortened development timelines (NDA:2021)
Product opportunity for use in Temporomandibular Joint Disease and trigeminal neuralgias
08/31/18 GEM037 Allosteric modulator of the CCR3 receptor Asthma, rhinitis Oral Small molecules
Phase 2a In phase 2a:
Highly significant effects on the methacholine provocative response
Showed trends to improvement in EAR (Early Phase Allergic Response)
Reduced induced sputum eosinophil percentage and increased percent blood eosinophil
08/27/18 GEM036 Hematopoietic stem cell fucosylation Prevention of infection & GvHD from hematopoietic stem cell transplantation see Note Proteins
Phase 3 ready with FDA SPA In Phase II study:
Statistically significant acceleration of immune system reconstitution
(neutrophil/platelet recovery)
Significantly reduced infection and GvHD
Improved survival
Positioned to be best-in-classNo
reports of adverse event specifically attributable to fucosylation

08/07/18 GEM035 An anti-ENO1 antibody Immune diseases, various cancers SC Proteins
Preclinical (close to IND) Showed efficacy in animal models of multiple sclerosis, RA, pancreatic cancer and liver cancer.
Also applicable to IBD and COPD etc.
Completed pre-clinical studies including monkey toxicity studies, GMP production.
08/07/18 GEM034 Derivative of neuroprotective protein Stroke, Huntington chorea, Schizophrenia and PTSD IV Peptides
Preclinical A cell-permeable recombinant peptide.
Can cross the blood-brain barrier, is resistant to degradation, and can bind constitutively to its substrates.
Significantly reduces brain damage in rodent stroke model.
Expected to be treated after stroke without diagnosis of stroke type before dosing.