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Date Candidate Mechanism of action Indication Route Modality Development stage Note
04/02/19 GEM071 Nanoparticl formulation of 2-deoxy-glucose Hepatocellular carcinoma, Renal cancer, Colorectal canser IV Small molecule
Preclinical In the xenograft model, the administration of nanoparticle formulation once a week showed superior antitumor effect than daily administration of 2-deoxyglucose alone. No side effects were observed.
Enhanced the antitumor effect by combination with existing anticancer drugs.
Enhanced T cell infiltration into tumor tissue.
The substrate used in the nanoparticle formulation are used in approved medicines (FDA).
04/02/19 GEM070 Nanoparticl formulation of ɤ- Oryzanol Diabetes, hyperlipidemia, menopausal disorder, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. Oral Small molecule
Preclinical Improved intestinal absorption and shows a drug effect in an extremely small amount (1/1000 of normal particles).
Reduced preference for high fat diet.
Suppressed ER stress enhancement on hypothalamic/pancreatic islet.
Improved abnormal glucose metabolism and abnormal lipid metabolism.
The substrate used in the nanoparticle formulation are used in approved medicines (FDA).
03/12/19 GEM024 1. Selective inducer of apoptosis through modulation of NF-kB/P53 axis. / 2. Eliciting adaptive immune response by recruitment of T Cells to tumors. Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma see Note Small molecules
Phase 2 ready Updated on March 12, 2019

First-in-class, patented, combination therapeutic that simultaneously upregulates a cluster of genes promoting cell death and downregulates a cluster of genes promoting survival of cancer cells.
Phase 1 results showed no significant AE, dose-dependent modulation of key biomarkers involved in disease pathogenesis, and T cell recruitment to tumor making it “hot”.
FDA approved moving to Phase 2.

Route:Oral, pastille based topical delivery
03/07/19 GEM069 Immuno-modulator (adjuvant) Vaccine, Please refer to Note Injection Others
Preclinical E.coli producing monophosphoryl Lipid A whose structure is similar to exsiting adjuvants such as MPL and GLA.
Shows similar efficacy with MPL in vitro and in vivo.
Lower cost production through simple fermetation and purification steps.

Indication:Vaccine, Cancer immunotherapy etc.
03/01/19 GEM068 Gene therapy for novel target Lung and other cancers IV Nucleic acids
Preclinical The expression of this gene is reduced in various cancers.
Adenovirus expressing this gene inhibits the HIF-1α expression and proliferation of various cancer cells.
Adenovirus expressing this gene suppresses growth of lung cancer in nude mice.
03/01/19 GEM067 c-Kit inhibitor Diabetic macular edema & Retinopathy Oral Small molecules
Phase 2a Inhibits stem cell factor-induced hyperpermeability
Reverses retinal vascular leakage in STZ-induced diabetic rats
Improved compliance to administration (oral) than anti-VEGF therapy (intra-vitreal injection)
Applicable to non-responders to anti-VEGF therapy
Repositioning of a marketed drug
03/01/19 GEM066 Selective STAT3 inhibitor (DNA-based Decoy) Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma and non-small cell lung cancer [including exon 20 mutations] IV Nucleic acids
Pre-IND for systemic administration formulation 1st-in-class STAT3 decoy;
Suppresses binding of STAT3 to genomic DNA;
Inhibits proliferation and promotes apoptosis of many cancer cells;
Suppresses expression of STAT3 target genes and tumor growth in animal models;
Shows increased response in combination with cetuximab and also with PD-1;
Human Phase 0 study (intratumor injection); Suppresses STAT3 target genes expression with one dose
Does not affect normal oral keratinocytes;
Exploratory animal toxicology studies show no significant adverse effects;
03/01/19 GEM064 Selective inhibitor of Nav channels Pain Oral Small molecule
Preclinical Potent and selective inhibitors for Nav 1.7/1.8 subtypes
Effective in inflammatory & neuropathic pain states
Exellent non-clinical ADMET profile
No off-target activity, very good in vitro cardiac safety margin, non-mutagenic
02/12/19 GEM063 Novel 24hr ibuprofen patch Local pain in sprains Local Small molecule
Phase 1 completed High payload: Contains 200 mg ibuprofen, Constant delivery over 24 hours, Class-leading adhesion, Water-resistant, Comfortable to wear and remove
Pre-clinical safety studies were completed 2017 with no concerns/issues
Phase I PK and sensitisation/irritancy studies were successfully completed in 2018 with no concerns/issues
01/11/19 GEM009 BET inhibitor Cancer, RA Oral Small molecules
Preclinical Updated on January 11, 2019

More potent enzyme inhibition and anti-tumor activities compared with competitors (more potent than GSK525762A and comparble to ABBV-075).
Superior safety profile than competitors (no inhibition on hERG or CYP3A4) and can be applied to RA.
Easier manufacturing due to absence of asymmetric carbon.