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Date Candidate Mechanism of action Indication Route Modality Development stage Note
06/12/19 GEM081 Oncolytic virus Refer to Note IM Virus
Phase 2 ready Indication:
Solid tumor (Melanoma, GI cancer etc.)

Genetically non-modified and non-pathogenic virus with
- oncolytic, oncotropic and immunomodulating properties
- excellent safety profile
- various development options
Medicine containing this virus is already approved for treatment for many years in certain countries.
This virus has established fully GMP certified API production
06/06/19 GEM080 Novel cell surface receptor for insoluble protein involved in Parkinson's/Lewy body diseases Parkinson's diseases, Lewy body disease NA NA
Preclinical Cell surface receptors for insoluble protein involved in Parkinson's disease/Lewy body disease which were newly identified by utilizing artificial liposomes embedded with endogenous membrane proteins (see TGEM023 in Technology). Antagonists of the receptors are expected to be effective on Parkinson's/Lewy body diseases. Contact
06/06/19 GEM079 Novel cell surface receptor for angiogenesis regulation Cancers, chronic inflammation, diabetic retinopathy , myocardial infarction, etc NA NA
Preclinical Cell surface receptor involved in angiogenesis which was newly identified by utilizing artificial liposomes embedded with endogenous membrane proteins (see TGEM023 in Technology). Agonists of the receptor are expected to be effective on diseases where angiogenesis is involved as an aggravating factor. Contact
05/30/19 GEM078 Hyaluronic acid-based nanocarriers of cisplatin Head and neck cancer, pancreatic cancer, melanoma with metastasis IV Small molecule
Preclinical CD44 targeting and higher stability lead to enhance lymphatic delivery and inhibit cancer with lymphatic metastasis.
Chemodrug encapsulated by nanocarriers minimize systemic toxicities.
Convenient dosing by intravenous injection.
05/30/19 GEM077 AMPK activator Topical fat accumulation Transdermal or oral Small molecule
Preclinical A small molecular AMPK activator. It inhibited the growth of adipocytes in vitro and suppressed body weight and fat increases in vivo. Topical used formulation is ready. Contact
05/30/19 GEM076 Galectin-12 inhibitor Seborrheic dermatitis; Sebaceous hyperplasia Transdermal siRNA
Preclinical A modified siRNA for suppressing gene expression of galectin-12 which is a lipid droplet protein and regulates lipid accumulation and lipolysis. The siRNA can reduce the lipid in sebocytes and adipocytes and shows good stability and selectivity to reduce the lipid accumulation through transdermal delivery in vivo. Contact
05/30/19 GEM075 Novel functional excipient Oral formulation* Oral Polymer
Preclinical The synthetic polyvinyl acetate (PVAc)-based polymer of functional excipient is utilized as solubilizer that could increase drug solubility and enhance drug absorption. This novel excipient has better flowability, easy for use and widely application. This excipient will be useful for new drug and insoluble drug development.

*: e.g. direct compression, granulation, solid dispersion
05/30/19 GEM073 Kinase inhibitor of TGFβ-mediated phospho-SMAD2 signal transduction COPD, IPF, Lung cancer Oral Small molecules
Phase I ongoing This kinase is selectively expressed in resident macrophages and airways epithelia of the lung and upregulated in COPD and IPF patients.
A highly selective inhibitor showed efficacy across at least 3 different animal models relevant to COPD, IPF and NSCLC.
05/30/19 GEM072 Orally available somatostatin analogues Metabolic syndromes, acromegaly, hyperprolactinemia etc.* Oral Protein
Preclinical The technology and "know-how" to synthesize somatostatin analogues which will be more potent, more specific, stable and orally available have been established. A few analogues (at lead generation/optimization stage) with different combination of receptor selectivity and differential hormonal secretion inhibition properties are available.
*: Congenital hyperinsulinism, insulinomas, glucagonomas
04/02/19 GEM071 Nanoparticl formulation of 2-deoxy-glucose Hepatocellular carcinoma, Renal cancer, Colorectal canser IV Small molecule
Preclinical In the xenograft model, the administration of nanoparticle formulation once a week showed superior antitumor effect than daily administration of 2-deoxyglucose alone. No side effects were observed.
Enhanced the antitumor effect by combination with existing anticancer drugs.
Enhanced T cell infiltration into tumor tissue.
The substrate used in the nanoparticle formulation are used in approved medicines (FDA).