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Date Candidate Mechanism of action Indication Route Modality Development stage Note
10/15/20 GEM223 Regulation of cellular phosphate handling and intracellular energy status Hyperphospha-temia in chronic kidney disease (CKD) Chemotherapy-induced hyperphospha-temia   (Tumor Lysis Syndrome, TLS) Oral Intra-venous Small molecule Pre-IND First-in-class drug with a new MOA that is completely different from those of existing drugs for the treatment of hyperphosphatemia in CKD and TLS, a serious complication in cancer patients.
- A unique and highly effective mechanism to reduce blood phosphate levels in mammals
- Once-daily dosing potential
- No gastrointestinal side-effects
- Mechanism-based kidney protective effects
- IND-enabling 4-week toxicological studies have been finished
09/18/20 GEM222 Anti-Podoplanin Antibody Osteosarcoma, Lung squamous cell carcinoma, Soft tissue sarcoma, thrombosis Injection Antibody Preclinical - First-in-Class humanized Anti-Podoplanin Antibody
- Podoplanin is a transmembrane protein. It is found to induce platelet aggregation and express in various malignant tumor cells, and involve in proliferation of these tumor cells.
- GEM222 suppressed tumor growth and metastasis in human osteosarcoma and human lung squamous cell carcinomas xenografted in immunodeficient mouse.
- No side effect was observed in preliminary monkey study.
09/08/20 GEM221 Anti-Globo H ADC Cancer i.v. Antibody Preclinical High affinity, fast internalization, good in vitro cytotoxicity
- Showed great tumor growth inhibition (>90%, 3 mg/kg) in HCC-1428 animal models without any body weight loss
- Can be prepared reproducibly at gram scale.
09/08/20 GEM220 Anti-Globo H Antibody Breast Cancer i.v. Antibody *Preclinical **Discovery * Anti-Globo H monolonal antibody
- Higher patient population in breast cancer (61%).
- Anti-cancer efficacy demonstrated in breast cancer animal model through ADCC and CDC.
**Anti-Globo H bispecific antibody
- High correct pairing (>95%)
-Target cell-dependent T cell activation (Better safety profile).
- Anti-cancer efficacy demonstrated in breast cancer animal model through T cell-mediated cytotoxicity.
09/08/20 GEM219 Anti-TIM-3 antibody Cancer i.v. Antibody Preclinical GEM219 is a fully human anti-TIM-3 antibody with high affinity in vitro and cell-based binding assay.
- The anti-TIM-3 antibodies are also highly functional in cellbased bioassay.
- Some anti-TIM-3 antibodies have cross-species recognition ability to mouse TIM-3.
- Animal efficacy studies are in progress
09/08/20 GEM218 Anti- Human PD-L1 antibodies Cancer i.v. Antibody Preclinical GEM218 is a novel monoclonal antibody that specifically binds to PD-L1 with high affinity and effectively blocks PD-1/PD-L1 interaction.
- Can be well detected by the PD-1/PD-L1 Blockade Assay.
- Novel binding epitopes.
- Good potential for a companion diagnosis.
- The efficacy and toxicity are studied in various in vitro and in vivo models
09/08/20 GEM217 AXL Kinase Inhibitor Cancer with high AXL expression Oral Small molecule Preclinical GEM217 is a selective AXL kinase inhibitor.
- The chemical structure of GEM217 is distinguished from known AXL inhibitors.
- Superior antitumor activity to reference compound BGB324, which is currently in phase II clinical trial for treating lung cancer.
- Acceptable PK property and orally antitumor activity.
09/08/20 GEM216 Orally Active Hedgehog Inhibitor Cancer: basal cell carcinoma and cholangio- carcinoma Oral Small molecule Preclinical Overcome the marketed drug resistant issue
- Inhibit both tumor cells and cancer stem cells
- Low CYP inhibition potential
- GLP tox completed with acceptable safety profile
09/08/20 GEM215 Globo H-Specific CAR-T Cells Solid Tumor: breast cancer, gastric cancer and lung cancer i.v. Cell therapy Discovery Potential cell therapy for Globo H+ solid tumor.
-Combination with anti-PD-L1 Ab overcomes PD-L1-mediated immune suppression on CAR-T cells in tumor microenvironment.
-Anti PD-L1 Ab is able to induce bystander effect during Globo H CAR-T cell treatment.
09/08/20 GEM214 Anti-K. pneumoniae (KP) Antibodies Multiple Drug Resistant (MDR) Klebsiella pneumoniae (KP) infection i.v. Antibody Preclinical GEM214 is an anti-MDR therapeutic antibody against Klebsiella pneumoniae Infection.
-A fully human mAb, has longer half-life and low immunogenicity.
-Antibody Antibiotics Conjugate (AAC) of GEM214 shows dose dependent intracellularly bactericidal potency.